What is The Truckers Forum?

The Truckers Forum is a trucker community web site where people come from all walks of life, but we all come to this site with the same interests in mind; that is to support our trucker no matter what state they come from. We all have the same goals in common. We are looking for trust in each other to act as adults and support the men and women who sacrifice for others. We are proud of our truckers and their families for all the sacrifices that are made every day. We want people to be able to unwind, meet new friends, enjoy laughter, and still remain loyal for the reasons that we are here.

When signing up for The Truckers Forum, your profile participation and accuracy on your profile should be something true and honored by fellow friends. The Truckers Forum should be a place that everyone feels safe and comfortable. We all enjoy good laughs as well as showing our support. Commitment does not come in the form of just comments, but appreciation of what our truckers do and letting them know that.

Please feel free to roam this site and add any suggestions that you may feel are appropriate. The site has come a long way and many groups are forming. The polls are coming here for fun and you can create your own at any time. We do ask that the materials are appropriate. Please feel free to post an introduction of yourself so that we may get to know you. We are hoping to establish long time-committed people for the site that truly have their best intentions in mind for trucker's families. It does not matter if you are Jewish, Christian, atheist, or any other believer in faith, it does matter that you support our truckers, or each other.

Please pull up a seat and kick back and enjoy the loyalty that The Truckers Forum is committed to making. We are all humans and we all enjoy a good laugh as well as a good cry. This is a place where we can do both. Reach out to the men and women in uniform that make a difference in our everyday life .

We are not here to judge, criticize, or retaliate on politics. We are here as one big family that supports our truckers through the most toughest times. Please be a part of our mission to show support for the truckers and their families through these difficult times .

This does not mean we cannot laugh out or have a good time; this simply means that we support each other no matter what walk of life we come from .

From all of the friends and families at The Truckers-Forum.com